webOS is a powerful mobile operating system. We had the opportunity to develop 2 apps.

bookMarked is a great web browser that allows you to have 4 tabs open and easily manage bookmarks.
Funny Libs is a fun app for all ages. Fill in words like Nouns, Verbs etc... Create endless fun!
Since the Kindle Fire promotes reading and family apps, we decided this would be a great option for our Funny Libs app. This was re-designed specifically for the Kindle Fire. Fill in words like Nouns, Verbs etc...
Stories + Friends is our latest addition. Write short stories with your friends and family. Great for classrooms!
We are very excited to announce the release of Funny Libs for windows 8 platforms. Fast - Fluid and even better as you can print and share your creations with friends! Need a powerful easy-to-use shopping list where you can sort by category, print and even add meal lists? then Shoppers Aid is for you! Ever need to throw some photos together with a song to share with friends or family? PhotoMontage was built just for this reason! Everyone has a story or experience to share whether it's good or bad, so download Vent to share yours!
Android is everywhere! So naturally, we have our place on the Google Play Market. Get Funny Libs today for your tablet.
Stories + Friends is our latest addition to the app market. Write short stories with friends and family! Also supports on-line play!
Nook Tablet is another great platform you can find our apps. Funny Libs and Stories + Friends are available for the Nook Tablet and Nook Color.